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The 150 Member Spaulding Red Raider Marching Band is recognized throughout New Hampshire and New England as an outstanding corps-style marching band.

The marching band performs in local and regional parades, halftime shows, and at the annual elementary school tour, the Music In Our Schools Month (MIOSM) Concert in March and at Veteran’s events as well as school functions.

All students are welcome and encouraged to take part in the marching band:
  • Wind instrumentation includes piccolo, flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, mellophone (marching french horn), tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone, trumpet, trombone, baritone horn and tuba.
  • Percussionists participate in one of two sections: the front ensemble or the battery.
    • Students in the front ensemble perform on marimba, vibraphone, bells, and xylophone as well as other pitched and non-pitched concert percussion instruments. 
    • Battery players are assigned to either snare, tenors (quad configuration), tonal bass drum, or hand cymbal parts based on ability level determined by instructor assessment. 
  • Students interested in colorguard are auditioned on basic equipment such as flag and rifle. Dance ability, motivation, and personal experience are also considered.  

Marching Band season begins with the selection and rehearsal of music in mid-May each year and with Pre-Band Camp in early June when incoming freshman are invited to rehearse with the ensemble for the first time.  Each student receives an individual copy of the fall season halftime show and music as well as a CD with which to practice and prepare for the annual Marching Band Camp in August. For those curious, photos of past camps are available in the Media section.   

Marching Band is primarily a first-quarter activity revolving heavily around the
Football season. Performances include halftime at Friday (and sometimes Saturday) football games as well as at the Dover and Salem Band Band Shows and several parades.  Attendance is required at all events and a calendar is given to each student well in advance in order to avoid scheduling conflicts.

Daily in-school rehearsals meet during block D2 (approx 1:30 - 2:15 PM) and transition gradually to focus mainly on Concert Band by mid-October. The Marching Band, however, continues to make encore appearances in parades and concerts throughout the entirety of the school year.

CONCERT BAND (Separate Page Coming Soon!)
Preparation for the Winter Holiday Village concert begins in October and is completed in December.  Classical Concert, MIOSM Concert, BLAST Concert and many events in the spring season are the focus of  concert band and daily rehearsals.  Students who sign up for band on their schedule are automatically in both marching and concert band which meets daily throughout the school year in a mini block.

Competencies and grading procedures are located on the curriculum link and provide a clear description of grading in band.

Please feel free to view the photo and video section to view recent performances of the Spaulding High School Marching Band.

Student Access provides downloadable materials including music and marching drill charts to further assist students in learning their music based on the season.  User Name and Password are required.  Students may contact one of the Directors for the access info.


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