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Music In Our Schools Month Concert: Saturday, March 28th
Please click here to view info about MIOSM Concert and schedule.

Fantastic Job Mary Poppins Cast and Crew and Parent Volunteers!!!

Disney Performance Info: 
Monday, April 27th: Downtown Disney at 1:30pm, Waterside Stage, SHS Chorus
Tuesday, April 28th: Magic Kingdom at 2:30pm, Main Street Parade, SHS Marching Band

Disney Flight and Payments Info:
All are Direct flights through JetBlue
1)  100 seats
Flight # 251    (100) seats   Boston 10:20am    Orlando:  1:23pm
Flight #1152   (100 seats)   Orlando 6:10pm    Boston      9:08pm

2)  50 seats
Flight  #451     (50 seats)   Boston  11:10am   Orlando     2:13pm
Flight #952      (50 seats)   Orlando  3:05pm   Boston       6:05pm

Flights will be pre-assigned and not requested.

Payments Schedule:
January 31st    $1,000  students   $1,225   adults
February 20     $1,200  students   $1,425   adults
March 20         $1,425  students    $1,625  adults

January 31st   $1,000        February  26th     $1,200      March 25th   1,425
We need everyone going on the trip to Florida to get their payments up to the amounts listed above as we are paying off all of the costs prior to departure.  We will be having a meeting to finalize all of the details of the trip with those people traveling soon.  It has been challenging to determine who actually is going with regard to the student accounts.  Please contact us if there is a problem 
asap at 332-0757 ext 2162.
Thanks so much for all of your help and we are looking forward to seeing you on February 1st and February 3rd.

Thank you for your patience with information regarding upcoming events.  We have met with a small committee to develop the set design for Mary Poppins, negotiated a two day contract with ZFX the flying company who was originally unable to do our show and met with the Rochester Fire Marshall to proactively discuss the appropriate materials to begin constructing the set next week.  Now that the auditions are over, rehearsals for the cast and stage crew and pit band have begun we have an outline of how to proceed from here and need to ask for volunteers to help in the areas of:
Set construction, painting, stage props, costuming, publicity, ticket sales, concessions and backstage flying crew which is less extensive as only Mary Poppins and Bert are flying this time.   There is an Open House night scheduled at Spaulding High School on Tuesday, February 3rd from 6:00-8:00pm.  Although I haven’t seen the time/class schedule for the night, I am anticipating that band/chorus will probably be happening towards the end of the night at 7:15 ish so I thought we could form our committees that same night.  I will have outlines of what is needed for each committee at this meeting and then each committee can schedule additional times for the projects that they are working on.  Please plan to come to the meeting even if you aren’t going to the Open House schedule of classes.

Florida Trip Updates:
Florida Trip Accounts should have $800 in them by the end of December or $1,000 by the end of January. $1,200 by the end of February and paid in full $1,425 by the end of March.

Messages From The Directors:
Click here to read thank you messages regarding Christmas Village and what we've accomplished.

Email List
Attention Parents: If you had signed up to be on our email list for communication and have not received any emails from us, please email Gwen Pham directly at This could be because I have received a couple of undelivered emails. By emailing me directly, it is a guaranteed that I have your correct address. TY!

New To Our Music Department?
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FACEBOOK and Communication  
Please, Please, Please Be extra careful when you are communicating with people via email, Facebook, Twitter etc.  Sometimes what we say without any facial expression isn’t exactly what was meant to be said.  Misunderstandings can hurt feelings and get rumors started………….

You can follow us on Facebook by searching for "Spaulding High-Music".   If you don't have a Facebook account, you can view our posts on this website by going to the Boosters tab and select Facebook from the dropdown menu.  

Instrument and Music Area Care and Kindness  
We have raised an extreme amount of money for our instruments.  The drumline cost us over $15,000, tubas cost $4,000, baritone horns $1,800, French horns $1,500 each , Baritone Saxophone $3,000 and the list goes on.  We cannot be careless with all of the wonderful things we have worked to own.  Please be gentle and careful with the music area.  Pick up after yourselves following lunch and make the space cleaner for the next person.  We are fortunate that we have this space to share, DON’T ABUSE IT !!! or you will definitely LOSE IT!!!!
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